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Posted by on 20th May, 2014 in Floods, Floods in Serbia, News |

Floods In Serbia Biggest Natural Disaster In 100 Years

Few days ago, following the long period of rain, Serbia was hit with SEVERE floods ever recorded, some experts says that in one day rainfall amounted to the average of four months’ worth of rain which caused rivers to flood. Number of cities are evacuated and some people are still in a grave danger and awaiting evacuation. Serbia was not prepared for something like this and hereby we ask all of you to donate something to help Serbia, you can find more information here under.

Carrying nothing but a handful of belongings, and trying to save bare lives, tens of thousands of people were evacuated from their homes from several locations in Serbia. Soldiers and the emergency crews were trying to rescue thousands trapped by water in Obrenovac, near Belgrade and authorities also ordered evacuation of Baric.

Rising rivers rapidly rushed into houses and buildings, at some places even to the rooftops, where most of the people were climbing for the rescue. Similar situation was in Bosnia and now the flooding is spreading to Croatia where hundreds were also evacuated.

Floods already took more than 15 lives but the toll could rise, as authorities stated. There is no drinking water and electricity in thousands of homes. Landslides triggered by the floods also raised the risk of injury or death. Withdrawing water in some places is taking away parts of the roads and somewhere even whole houses. This is definitely the worst flood in a century, since the meteorological observation and recording started 120 years ago. Seeing Obrenovac from the air, streets covered with water, cars roofs could be barely seen, and in some parts even whole houses are covered. But the worst is still not passed, there is another wave coming, hundreds of volunteers arrived from all parts of Serbia and some from Russia and neighbouring countries to help local people fight the rivers with sand and scarce machinery. Belgrade and neighbouring cities are sheltering people in schools and sports halls, companies and individuals were helping with donation of materials, hygiene, food and drinking water and lot of volunteers are working around the clock to help their countryman.

But the worst is still expected after the water withdraws, risk of epidemic will be high, expected food and drinking water deficiency.

We urge everyone who can help with money donations to the Red Cross Serbia or through our association here in Malta.

Account number: 40019883579
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